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    Welcome Broncos!                               

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    Keep checking back as we continue to evolve and improve.

    Broncos Media Live! :

    BRONCOFLIX Video Channel:

    Broncos Radio:

    Click Here To Listen To: Our School Song!

    We are excited to get the school year rolling and Broncos Media is already very busy!

    Broncos Media is an extra-curricular opportunity for students. We manage ourselves and our content very similar to a TV station, only it's hosted on the internet. There is a main menu of "channels" which contains a variety of news stories and programming all relating to, and featuring the many daily activities and happenings here at UGHS. We are also broadcasting live events online and also have an online radio station!

    For access to our LIVE BROADCASTS, check the main homepage on the school website or come back to this page for the link.

    Interested in becoming involved in Broncos Media or have a story idea? Contact Mr. Wald at

    We need on-camera talent as well as individuals with skills behind the lens, at the microphone, and at the computer to edit content. Don't think you have any experience or skills? That's ok...we will teach you!

    There are endless ways you can become involved at the level of time commitment which you are comfortable.

    Stay tuned for more info and an announcement of when and where we will be meeting!

    Go Broncos!!