Art Fundamentals


    Art FUNdamentals Syllabus

    Rm. 124

    Ms. Zangerle

    Contact Information:

    Prep: 4th

    Phone: 878-2434 ext. 1289


    Mr. Wald

    Contact Information:

    Prep: 1st

    Phone: 878-2434 ext. 1296



    Course Description:

                This course will introduce a variety of techniques and art materials.  It is intended to give the beginning artist a well-rounded art experience with an emphasis on using a sketchbook.  Materials that we will be using include: pencil, color pencil, ink marker, watercolor paint and pencils, acrylic paint, plaster, clay, and glaze.


    Course Goals:

    • Develop an understanding of the Elements and Principles of Art
    • Develop an understanding of Art as a process
    • Develop an understanding of basic Art vocabulary
    • Learn to apply the Elements and Principles of Art
    • Develop/Improve basic drawing skills
    • Explore and create artwork in both two and three dimensions
    • Explore different types of art media
    • Explore different techniques of art making
    • Improve problem-solving and creative thinking skills


    Course Content:

    • Introduction to the Elements and Principles of Art
    • Observational Drawing
    • Creative Drawing
    • Drawing with a grid
    • Three-Dimensional Design: Additive Ceramic (Clay) and Subtractive Plaster Sculptures
    • Two-Dimensional Design: Pen/Marker and Watercolor Design



    • Projects are graded on a 10-point scale.

    (10=A+, 9.75-9.25 = A, 8.5-8.25 = B, 7.5-7.25 = C, 6.5-6.25 = D, 5.75 or less =F)

    • A Critique Sheet (rubric) will be used by both teacher and student to evaluate each project.
    • 5-minute drawings are graded on a 9-point scale.
    • Check-in assignments are graded on a variable point scale, depending on the assignment. They are graded on their overall quality and completeness at the time they are due.    


    The Rules: 

    1. Respect
    2. Learn
    3. Do Your Best
    4. Enjoy

    Your experience in this class will be what you make it.  Abiding by the rules will lead to more freedom.    

    Tools & Equipment:

                The following list of materials is required for class…please bring them in by:



    Materials are listed in order of priority!




    *Scissors        *These items need to be brought in ASAP!!!      

    *2 Glue Sticks (you may need additional ones)

    *Pocket Folder

    *Taboret – a container to hold all materials and tools


    Masking Tape (doesn’t have to be a full roll!)

    2 plastic bags (grocery store size)

    Colored Pencils

    Black fine point felt tip marker (water based marker or ultra fine point sharpie, a permanent marker is not necessary)

    Ruler (Metal or wood with metal is best – if you already have a plastic one bring that)

    Safety glasses (optional – we provide safety glasses when carving plaster)


    Being prepared for class with all tools & equipment is a graded requirement!

    You will lose points until you bring them in. SO, bring in your materials by the due date!





    -       I make a limited number of copies.  A replacement copy of any handout costs 25 cents! 

    Be responsible:  REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!


    • More sketchbook information can be found on your Sketchbook handout.


    • See your Art Class Expectations handout for more information about art room procedures.