Media Arts

  • Mr. Bill Wald                                                            

    Prep: Term 1 – 1st hour                                              

    878-2434 ext.1296                                                                                                                           


    Course Prerequisites: NONE

    Course Description: Media arts is the combination of visual art and technology. This course is designed to introduce and examine a variety of multimedia techniques and skills that enable students to develop technical skills and knowledge of video and photography equipment, computer software, and various hardware related to these media. Students will also explore several ways these creative techniques impact our culture, and the materials and mediums related to the areas of animation, videography and digital photography. 

    Students will learn to apply the concepts, skills, and knowledge they learn in this class to develop and improve their visual, technical, and creative problem-solving skills. We will also study the historical relevance of these techniques, and learn how these skills and technologies are applied commercially to communicate information and ideas, and learn ways this knowledge can be used in projects outside of this class.

    All students will demonstrate their understanding of these skills and concepts through a variety of assessments that include a final project for each unit studied. By the end of the term each student will gain an understanding of the media arts and multimedia, both traditional and digital.


    Course Goals:

    -       Develop a better understanding of the Elements and Principles of Art as related to the Media Arts.

    -       Develop an understanding of the history of animation, video making and the photography process.

    -       Explore a variety of technical equipment; software, mediums and materials related to the media arts.

    -       Become a more effective communicator of ideas using media techniques.

    -       Learn to confidently apply the skills and knowledge learned to personal work/projects.

    -       Learn to use a variety of technical equipment and software properly and efficiently.

    -       Learn how to tell a story through visual mediums.

    -       Learn to practice one’s artistic skills and abilities, and apply them to completed work.

    -       Learn to express one’s feelings and thoughts about one’s artwork as well as the work of others.

    -       Improve and develop problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

    Course Content:

    -       History of photography, animation and filmmaking.

    -       Creating historical art related projects

    -       Stop-motion Animation

    -       Storyboarding

    -       Digital Photography

    -       Video Production

    -       Presentation of completed works


    -       Projects are graded on a 10-point scale.

          (10=A+, 9.75-9.25 = A, 8.5-8.25 = B, 7.5-7.25 = C, 6.5-6.25 = D, 5.75 or less =F).


    -       A Critique Sheet (rubric) will be used by both teacher and student to evaluate each project.

    -       Check-in assignments are graded on a variable point scale, total value is dependent on the assignment.


    -       Respect

    -       Productivity

    -       Time Management

    -       Positive Attitude

    -       An Open Mind

    -       *For additional information and policies, see the Art Expectations Handout*


    -       #2 Pencils

    -       Folder or a spiral notebook w/ pockets

    -       8, 16 or 32 GB Flashdrive

    -       Digital Camera with Internal or SD memory card

    -       Video Camcorder with SD memory card (Optional)


    Additional expectations and exceptions to this syllabus may apply and changes are at the discretion of the teacher.  Special exceptions for specific circumstances are also subject to the discretion of the teacher.


    All Supplies Are Due:  The first week of class