Illustration & Airbrush

  • Mr. Bill Wald                                                   

    Prep: 1st hour                                              

    878-2434 ext.1296                                                                                                                           


    Course Prerequisites: Art Fundamentals

    Course Description: This course introduces students to a variety of materials, mediums, and techniques related to illustration and airbrushing. Students will combine their basic art skills and knowledge with several concepts, skills, and vocabularies using traditional and technology-driven methods. The projects and assignments in this course will also teach students ways to develop and improve their visual, technical, and creative problem-solving skills. Students will also keep a sketchbook to document their progress, explore new ideas, and improve their drawing and painting skills. The completed works created in each area of study will enable students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the concepts and skills related to illustration and airbrushing. Some of the materials that we may use include: an airbrush, charcoal, pencils, ink, oil pastels, chalk pastels, colored pencils, markers, acrylic and/or oil paint, scratchboard, crayons, mixed media, and computer software.

    Course Goals:

    -       Improve on one’s understanding of the Elements and Principles of Art related to Illustration

    -       Develop an understanding of the drawing, painting and illustrating process.

    -       Explore new mediums and materials related to drawing and painting.

    -       Learn to apply what you see to paper accurately and confidently.

    -       Learn how to apply and express your imagination through illustration.

    -       Learn to confidently apply color theory and the application of colors.

    -       Learn how to use mediums and techniques related to illustration and airbrush.

    -       Learn to practice one’s artistic abilities and apply them to completed works.

    -       Learn to express one’s feelings and thoughts about one’s artwork as well as others.

    -       Improve and develop problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

    Course Content:

    -       Whimsical/Graphic Name Design Drawing

    -       Realistic and Cartoon Animal Illustrations

    -       Cartoon and Realistic Human Drawings

    -       Color Theory and Textures

    -       Collaborative Drawing & Exploration of Mediums Project

    -       Atmospheric Perspective Landscape Illustrations

    -       Art Parody Illustration

    -       Airbrush Exploration

    -       Children’s Book Cover Illustration


    -        Projects are graded on a 10-point scale.

          (10=A+, 9.75-9.25 = A, 8.5-8.25 = B, 7.5-7.25 = C, 6.5-6.25 = D, 5.75 or less =F).


    -        A Critique Sheet (rubric) will be used by both teacher and student to evaluate each project.

    -        Check-in assignments are graded on a variable point scale, total value is dependent on the assignment.


    -        Respect

    -        Productivity

    -        Time Management

    -        Positive Attitude

    -        An Open Mind

    ***For additional information and policies, see the Art Expectations Handout


    -       #2 Pencils

    -       Ultra -Fine Point Sharpie Marker

    -       Fine Point Sharpie Marker

    -       Large Eraser (Pink Pearl or Kneaded Eraser)

    -       Sketchbook (9x12 or 11x14) (Optional)

    -       Taboret (Storage container)

    -       Art Shirt or Apron (Optional, but be warned – we will be working with staining materials)

    -       Set of 12 or 24 Colored Pencils (Optional, but you may wish to have your own)

    -       Blue or Green Painters Tape (1 Roll)

    -       1 Set of 12 or 24 Crayola Crayons

    -       Masking tape (1 Roll)

    -       Glue Sticks or Rubber Cement

    -       1 Black Ball Point Ink Pen

    -       1 Single Action Airbrush

    -       1 Set of Fabric Approved Airbrush Paints

    -       Dusk or Resporator Masks

    -       1- 3D Object to Airbrush


    Supplies Due:  ______1st week of term_______________