Classroom Expectations




    Class Expectations

    Coming to Class

    -                         I cannot express this enough…Be ON TIME!

    -                         Sit in assigned seats for attendance.

    -                         Check the board for daily goals and instructions.


    Work Time

    -    After attendance, I will give you any necessary instructions. Be ready to prepare your materials to be productive in class while working on your project.

    -       You are expected to sit in your assigned seat at all times.

    o   DO NOT get up and walk over to your friend’s table to visit or sit and talk with him or her.

    o   No one should be up out of his or her seat for any reason without asking for permission first.  Raise your hand to ask permission. 

    o   If you repeatedly leave your seat without asking permission, expect to receive a detention with me.

    -       Always keep the volume of your voices at a low level so everyone can concentrate on their work.

    o   You can socialize with your classmates at your table. If there is more talking than working, I will require you to stop talking and I may also assign you a new seat.

    -    If you need help or have a question please raise your hand. If I do not see you raising your hand right away, please be patient. I will get to you as soon as possible.


    Clean-up Procedures


    -       I will alert you when it’s time to clean up.

    o   I will usually give you the last 3 to 5 minutes of class time to clean up supplies, put artwork away, etc. (Clean-up times may vary.)

    o   No one should clean up until you are given permission to do so.

    o   Sometimes I do get busy while helping others. If you see that there are only 3 minutes left of class, please raise your hand and let me know so I can announce to the class to clean up.

    o   We are a community! Everyone must work as a team to clean up and put materials away. (Please refer to teacher for further instruction.)

    -       You must wait in assigned seat for bell to ring.

    -       No one will be excused to go to his or her next class until I dismiss you, even if the bell rings.

    -       Do not wait by the door (refer back to teamwork during cleanup and dismissal procedures).





    Restroom Policy

    -    Please use restroom before coming to class. You do have 10 minute passing times.

    -    No one will be allowed to use the restroom while I am giving a demo, teaching, etc. unless it is an absolute  emergency.

    -    Students are only allowed to go during work time, and its an emergency. Please ask teacher for permission first. You must also sign your name, the date and the time on the sign-out sheet located in the room.


    Locker Policy


    -    Please bring all needed materials to class daily.

    -    No one will be allowed to go to their locker while I am giving a demo, teaching, etc. Please do not ask!

    -    Again, If a student forgot something and needs to go to one’s locker or office, they may only go during work time. 



    Music Policy

    -   iPods, MP3 players or any personal listening device of any kind are allowed during independent work time.

    -   Music will be provided by the teacher as needed.


    Phone Policy

    Cell phones are only allowed out in a classroom if directed by the teacher for educational purposes. 

    Consequences for violations of this rule are as follows:

               1st  offense = phone placed on teacher’s desk, returned at end of class

    2nd offense = phone placed on teacher’s desk, given to office, student picks up after school

               3rd offense = phone placed on teacher’s desk, given to office, parent must pick up

                Note* 3rd and ensuing offenses may result in other disciplinary actions.


    **Noncompliance with classroom expectations and procedures will result in the removal of the

        student from the classroom. You can expect that further disciplinary action(s) will be taken.


    Personal Electronic Devices


    Personal Electronic Devices are not allowed out in a classroom unless directed by the teacher for educational purposes. 


    Food & Drinks Policy

    -       Water only please.

    -       Food and snacks must be finished before class time begins.

                            *On occasion food may be allowed at the discretion of the teacher.


    Grading Policy

    -    Unless stated otherwise, projects are graded on a 10-point scale.

    (10=A+, 9.75-9.25=A, 8.5-8.25=B, 7.5-7.25=C, 6.5-6.25=D, 5.75 or less=F)

    -    Class Expectations/Policy Sheet, Class Participation, Worksheets/Check-in, and Project Guidelines/Critiques will be used to assess your progress.


    Redo, Late & Missing Work Policy

    -    All students will be given the opportunity to redo any projects or assignments in a reasonable amount of time, one day for every day a student has an excused absence.

    -    Students will not be allowed to work in class time on any redo, late or missing work.

    -    Make arrangements to come in before school, after school or take home to complete all work.


    Tardy Policy

    -    If a student is not in class by the time the bell rings they are tardy.

    -    Detentions will be written for being tardy to class more than 2 times in one term.


    Detention Policy

    -    When student receives a 20-minute detention from me, they must serve it in my classroom.

    -     It must be served within reasonable a time as determined by the teacher.

    -     If it is not served within that time, a referral slip will be turned into the office for that student to serve an Administrative detention.

    Emergency Procedures

    -    In an event of an emergency please remain quiet and wait for further instruction from teacher.