• Thanks to Nolan Rebernick for taking and typing up these notes!


    ELC Main Points/Notes



    Networking Like A Pro


    Networking as a process

    1. Make a plan
      1. Find people you want to know
      2. Display your attributes
    2. Introduce yourself
      1. Focus on “non-verbals”
        1. Posture
        2. Tone of voice
        3. Eye Contact
        4. Smile
        5. Firm Handshake
      2. State full name and title
    3. Start Conversation
      1. Ask questions
        1. People love talking about themselves
      2. Discuss neutral topics
        1. Stay away from deadend topics like the weather
        2. Stay away from controversial topics
      3. Be an attentive listener
    4. Follow Up (within a week)
    5. Stay in touch
    6. Collaborate
    7. Show Gratitude
      1. Return favors


    Top 5 Networks Sins

    1. Mooch
      1. Asking too many favors
    2. Overwater the Seeds
      1. Connect too much
    3. Fire and Forget
      1. Making connections and the forgetting to stay in touch
    4. Under-deliver
      1. Don’t perform to what you said you would
      2. Don’t over sell yourself
    5. Wallflower
      1. Don’t spectate at networking event




    Competitive Excellence  


    *Play like we practice

    • Test taking is where competitors can really separate themselves point wise
    • Role Play


    1. First Impressions
      1. Confidence
        1. Makes you look experienced and knowledgeable
      2. Dress Well
      3. Eye Contact
      4. Simile
      5. Handshake
        1. If a bad handshake ask judge to re-shake your hand
          1. This shows that you know that the handshake was bad and by wanting to fix it will leave a good impression on the judge
    2. Play the Role
      1. Ask Judge why?
      2. Get the Judge involve
      3. Get them to agree to something
    3. Close the Deal
      1. There are performance indicators at the bottom of the worksheet
        1. Hit all of the performance indicators for a max score
          1. 5 Point Plan
      2. ABC
        1. Always Be Closing




    Competitive Success Plan Form:


    I will highlight this strength…





    I will practice to improve…





    I will ask someone to help me with…









    Sub-Goal 1

    Sub-Goal 2

    Sub-Goal 3




    Action Plans

    Action Plans

    Action Plans













    Other Important Info


    • Communication is critical to the success of businesses, organizations, and individuals
    • Try to communicate in more than one way
    • Following is just as important as leading
    • Always keep an open mind when trying to solve problems
    • Associate names and actions with faces