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    It's About Speaking Excellence

    2016 Forensics Team

    Forensics:  "The art or study of formal debate; argumentation."  Forensics students compete with other schools in the art of public speaking.  The Union Grove High School forensic team is a member of the Wisconsin High School Forensics Association (WHSFA).  Our season begins in January when we return from Winter Break and ends in April with State at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  

    Head Coach Jennifer Jackowski:




    2020 Season Starts in November!


    Our First Meeting will be Tuesday, November 19th during BRONCO Period in Rm. 206

    New Members are Always Welcome!

    See Mrs. Jackowski (Rm. 206) with Questions



    2020 SCHEDULE


    Saturday, January 25th - Festival at Badger (leave school @7:30 a.m. -  return @1 p.m.)

    Saturday, February 1st - UGHS Home Tournament!!! (be here @7:30 a.m. - around 4 p.m.)

    Saturday, February 8th - Westosha High School Tournament (leave school @7:45 a.m. -  return @3:30 p.m.)

    Thursday, February 20th - Sub-District @Burlington HS (leave school @3 p.m. -  return @8:15 p.m.)

    Friday, Febrauary 21st - Friday Night Lights Tournament @Milton HS (leave school @2 p.m. -  return @11 p.m.)

    Saturday, March, 14th - District @Waterford HS (leave school @7:45 a.m. -  return @1 p.m.)

    Thursday, April 2nd - Conference @Burlington (leave school @3 p.m. -  return @8:15 p.m.)


    Saturday, April 18th - STATE @UW-Madison (leave school @7:30 a.m. -  return @5 p.m.)




    Contest Categories:

    Public Speaking

    Demonstration Speech
    Extemporaneous Speech

    Impromptu Speech
    Informational Speech (6-min.)
    Moments in History
    Public Address Speech
    Special Occasion


    Performance of Literature

    Group Interpretive Reading
    Play Acting
    Radio Speaking
    Solo Acting (Humorous/Serious)


    Following are 2019-20 high school topics for Moments in History, Public Address, Special Occasion, and Storytelling.

    Moments in History

    Choose one or both time periods:

    • 1900-1909
    • 2000-2009

    Examples of areas students might consider:  politics, military action, historic sites, monuments, natural disasters, ethnology, legends, folklore, science, inventions, medicine, arts,  entertainment, geography, transportation, sports, religion, heroes, villains, personalities, significant speeches, fashion, and fads.

    Public Address

    (Choose one topic question)
    1. What, if anything, can governments do to ensure integrity and security of elections in the United States?
    2. What, if anything, should schools do to ensure comparable funding for arts and athletics?
    3. To what extent, if any, should the U.S. federal government legislate controls over freshwater resources, especially the Great Lakes?
    4. To what extent, if any, should schools require a dress code for all students?
    5. To what extent, if any, should communities support the locavore movement to promote
      nutrition and sustainability?

    Special Occasion

    (Choose one occasion)
    1. Opening argument for a trial
    2. A speech to decline an award
    3. End of year banquet speech
    4. Press conference to announce a product recall


    (Prepare a story for each of the topic areas)
    1. A story from or about Pacific Island cultures
    2. A story about travel
    3. A story about being dirty and/or clean
    4. A story about family


    Useful Websites 

    (We belong to the Wisconsin High School Forensics Association - categories and rules can be found here.)

    (We attend a couple tournaments that belong to the Wisconsin Forensics Coaches' Association. I will let you know which ones since a few categories' rules are different.)

    (Maryville University Guide to Public Speaking - Great information and useful tips. Thank you, Petyon, for the link!)


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