• What is DECA?

    DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. 

    Why should you join UG DECA?

    In joining UG DECA, you are going to get an opportunity to be involved in an organization that will broaden your horizons and prepare you for your future.  The career focus is in areas of business, but you will benefit from DECA if you have an interest in medicine, engineering, or any other career field.

    In UG DECA, you will have opportunities to do community service, go on field trips, improve your leadership and communication skills, and participate in fun social activities.  You will also have the opportunity (if you choose to do it) to compete in business competitions.  Through these competitions you could earn the opportunity to compete in great locations (Anaheim, Atlanta, Orlando, or Nashville).

    On a personal note, you will also be joining an organization that looks great on college, scholarship, and job applications.  It's an organization that allows you to network, and with over 200,000 members and millions of DECA alumni out there, it could help you make a connection that will help you reach your potential not only in high school but in your future career.

    If you have any questions, see Mr. Swanson or Ms. Andreoli.  We look forward to helping you shape your future with DECA.