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    Welcome to the Student Newspaper, the Broncos Stampede. A publication for students-by students.

    There have been many changes to the Stampede over the past couple of years. Our biggest change is the methods which we deliver the news.

    One of the ways we are helping our district become more fiscally responsible and more eco-friendly is to evolve into an online newspaper. Many corporate publishers have also seen their editions in physical print go by the wayside. These changes have been driven by changes and improvements in technology. With each advancement we access information with a single touch of a screen or mouse on our handheld devices and computers.

    There is no doubt that there is something to be said for the tactile feel of holding onto a newsprint in your hands. One of the responsibilities we have as educators is to keep up with with changes in our society and technology.

    In order to keep up with these changing times we feel the E-Stampede will give us the opportunity to provide our students with the same experiences to create media in a similar manner that they will be required to do so in their lives and careers beyond high school.





    Stampede Advisor

    Mr. Bill Wald