Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. When will I get my Chromebook?
    Each freshman will be issued a Chromebook. Chromebooks will be issued during Freshmen Orientation or within the first two weeks of school.

    2. Do I get to take my Chromebook home?
    Yes. Students are encouraged to take them home each day. Students will need them for academic work and to recharge them for the next school day. Chromebooks will be able to connect to any wifi network.

    3. What if I forget my Chromebook?
    Students are expected to bring their Chromebook to school daily. Forgetting your Chromebook violates the Chromebook handbook and may result in consequences.

    4. What if I need to charge my Chromebook?
    Students are expected to bring their Chromebook fully charged to school every day.

    5. How do I transport my Chromebook?
    It is your responsibility to transport your assigned Chromebook carefully. We recommend using a protective, padded case.

    6. How do I login?
    Use your district network account to login to your Chromebook. Personal Gmail accounts will not be able to login.

    7. Can I print?
    No. Students will not be able to print from their Chrombooks at school. If students need to print, they may use a computer station in the Library.

    8. What if my Chromebook is damaged or lost?
    Any damage should be reported to the Library staff. Lost or stolen Chromebooks must be reported to a school administrator. Do not try to fix or replace parts yourself, and do not take to a computer repair company. The district offers a very affordable Protection Service that covers unintentional damage. Students & families are responsible for intentional damage, loss and theft. Students are able to check out a loaner Chromebook from the Library while theirs is out for repair (based on availability).

    9. Can I bring my own laptop or Chromebook?
    No. Chromebooks are expected to become an integral part of the education all students receive at Union Grove High School. District Chromebooks are prepared and managed by the IT Department to allow students access to educational resources.

    10. Will students keep the Chromebook over summer?
    Yes. We encourage students to continue to charge and use them over summer. Students will use the same Chromebook all four years, so good care of the device is required.