Drawing and Painting Techniques Syllabus

  • Course Description: This course is designed to give you extensive experience with a variety of drawing and painting materials.  The emphasis will be on both observational and creative art-making techniques.  We will have many projects that overlap each other, so at times you will be working on more than one project at once.

    Projects Grade: In this class we will be working on the following projects and techniques:

    • Observational drawing and painting
    • Creative drawing
    • Large-scale drawing with a grid
    • Compositional design (balance/focal points)
    • Two-dimensional pattern making
    • Realistic shading techniques (both drawing and painting)
    • Defining object/background edge relationships

    When each project is introduced I will show you successful and unsuccessful examples of past students’ work.  I will also show you the specific criteria that I will be grading the project on.  If you are hoping to get a good project grade I suggest you pay close attention to these criteria and ask questions while you are working for how your project can be improved.  Any suggestions that I give to you during work time will be meant to help you improve your grade, but it is your choice whether you choose to follow these suggestions.  You’re also expected to store your projects safely inside your portfolios and turn them in when called upon to do so along with a completed critique sheet.  Any lost projects will result in a missing grade until the project is found or redone.

    Required Materials:  You are required to bring the following items to class every day (and will get a grade for doing so).  You are expected to have these materials by Monday, November 7th:

    • At Least 4 Drawing Pencils (can all be #2 but you may wish to get a drawing pencil variety pack)
    • 1 Handheld Pencil Sharpener
    • 1 Large Eraser
    • 1 Ultra-Fine Point Sharpie Marker (Black)
    • 1 Handheld Pencil Sharpener (*Optional*, but it will come in very handy)
    • 1 Art Shirt or Apron (*Optional*, but be warned – we will be working with staining materials)
    • Additional *optional* materials we have but are sometimes old/worn out or not in the color you want –color pencils, personal paint brushes
    • Taboret (Storage container – can be backpack, but make sure you have all materials here every day)

    Brushes:  Every student will be assigned two nice brushes to keep safe.  These brushes must be turned back in at the end of the term in good working condition.  Lost or damaged brushes will result in a fine - $2 per brush.  Be sure to keep them clean and safe!

    Late Work Policy:  If you miss class with an excused absence you will be given an opportunity to redo any assignment that you miss, but you must plan on performing the make-up work outside of normal class time.  You will not be allowed to work during class time on any late assignment.  You will be given one extra day for every day that your absence was excused to turn in missing assignments.  After that points will be taken off for every day your project is late.

    Performance (Behavior plus Attendance) Grade:

    This class requires you to create art, but that is only half of what is expected from you.  The other part of your grade will come from your on-task behavior – i.e. how you treat your teacher and classmates, how hard you work during work time, and how often you are present and on time.  In order to create a safe, welcoming environment where every student has the chance to learn, I will be strictly enforcing classroom rules.  If you break a rule, you will automatically lose points from your performance grade.

    Classroom Rules and Expectations:

    1. Come to class prepared and ready to create art! (i.e. be on time and have your materials ready)
    2. Follow the teacher’s directions. (i.e. listen and do what I instruct you to do at the start of each class)
    3. Remain in your assigned seat unless getting supplies, cleaning up, or talking to the teacher.
    4. Respect your classmates and your teacher. (i.e. be polite, use appropriate language)
    5. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself!

    Tardy/Attendance Policy:  If you are late to class you will be marked tardy.  Being consistently tardy and/or accumulating unexcused absences will result in a deduction from your performance grade.  You cannot create art or receive instruction when you are not here!

    Restroom/Locker Policy:  You are expected to take care of your personal business before coming to class.  No passes will be given for the first 45 minutes of class.  After that, you must ask Mr. Kravig and (if given permission) you’ll fill out the “Restroom Sign-out” sheet located in the front of the room before leaving and upon your return.  If you are gone for more than 10 minutes the office will be notified and you’ll receive a deduction from your performance grade.

    Cell Phones/mp3 Players/Electronic Devices:  Cell phones, mp3 players, and any other electronic devices are not allowed during class.  On occasion I will allow you to use these devices (usually for research purposes or if you have already finished your project in a satisfactory nature), but no one should be using them without me saying it is okay or asking for my permission first.  Failure to comply will result in a deduction in your performance grade.

    Clean-up Time:  Every day we will receive a warning “clean up” bell 10 minutes before the end of the period.  At this time you should: A) finish up the part of the assignment that you are working on, B) return all of the materials to the same place that you got them from (and in the same quality – cleaned if need be), C) put your work away safely where it will not be lost or ruined (usually in your portfolio and placed on the shelf), and (D) clean up your seating/table area.  Once you have completed these tasks you may visit with your classmates, but you may not line up by the door.  Anybody caught standing in the “No Stand Zone” will receive a deduction from their performance grade.