• 2019-2020 UGBBC Officers and Board of Directors



    Craig Henderson, President

    Jeff Lois, Vice President

    Michael Wiedenbeck, Treasurer

    Kelly Wiedenbeck, Secretary



    Board of Directors


    Craig Henderson

    Dani Davis

    Theresa Dir

    Rod and Rae Ann Good

    Jeff and Karen Lois

    Todd and Krista Manteufel

    Dan Pettit

    Dave Pettit, Athletic Director

    Vinnie and Tammy Scacco

    Vincent and Kimberly Rampulla

    Scott and Jill Rewolinski

    Richard and Stephanie Whybark

    Michael and Kelly Wiedenbeck

    Jesse and Lisa Willis


    What is the Union Grove Bronco Booster Club:

    The Union Grove Bronco Booster Club (“UGBBC”) is as by definition "an organization that is formed to help support the efforts of a sports team or organization. Support is shown in many ways, including volunteering time, raising money, and contributing funds to better enhance the team or organization's performance.”

    Another definition is “a booster club provides enthusiastic support of a team or organization.” Our Union Grove Bronco Booster Club plays a key role in supporting Union Grove High School athletics in many ways, and we are very thankful for the positive contributions the UGBBC provides to our programs.

    The UGBBC may raise money by printing promotional items like team schedules, programs, and yearbooks or offer financial support to programs by providing additional funding for students, coaches, staff, and event workers. We may also organize team events, such as pre - or post - game dinners or social events during the season. We also perform, meet, or organize in any way, in accordance with the above - stated definition, that supports or ‘boosts’ any school programs we are formed to support.


    Some Board Member Responsibilities:

    Attend monthy board meetings (1st Wednesday of each month)
    Make decisons on funding requests and awards
    Participate equitably in fundraising  and membership activities:
    Lead concession stand operations (4-6 events)
    Assist with annual golf outing (early July)
    Promote membership
    Bronco Booster Club Red Nights (Fall, Winter & Spring)

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