• UGBBC Scholarship Awards




    The Union Grove Bronco Booster Club awards five $500 scholarships each year.
    Union Grove High School student applicants must be:


    1. Graduating seniors;

    2. Athletic participants for at least 2 years;

    3. Must have attained academic standing, which would qualify him/her for admission to an acceptable institution
      of higher learning as determined by the
      scholarship selection committee; and,

    4. Must have applied for admission to an institution of higher learning for the upcoming school year.


    The scholarship selection committee considers the following factors in choosing award winners: 


    1. Extent and commitment to high school athletic participation;

    2. Involvement in other high school activities;

    3. Community citizenship;

    4. Moral character;

    5. Scholastic achievement;

    6. Availability of other scholarship awards;

    7. Parental involvement in the Bronco Booster Club recommended; and,

    8. Other factors considered appropriate by the selection committee.  


    All applicants will be required to complete the Bronco Booster Club Scholarship application form
    by May 1 to be
    considered for the scholarship.



    Cole Beck
    Samantha DeLong
    Clayton Esch
    Allison Miller
    Courtney Weidenbeck

  • 2016

    Ben Painter

    Frankie Pettit

    Noah Lorey

    Alex Goodrich

    Gabrielle Bisceglia



    Sarah Hartl

    Andy Hatch

    Zachary Melendrez

    Zachary Rasmussen

    Cole Ryan



    Zack Allain

    Justin DeLong

    Matthew Robers

    Casandra Goodrich

    Luke Johnson

  • 2013

    Paige Hendersen

    Jake James

    Ryan Maier

    Kathryn Wendorf




    Emily Hendersen

    William "BJ" Henderson

    Matthew Herndon

    Alyssa Spiering

    Ben Spiering



    Joe Bianchi

    Sarah Bretl

    Hannah Grindle

    Brennan Johnson

  • 2010

    Brett Epping
    Halyn Fink
    Rebekah Jasperson
    Corey Poedtke




    Ethan DeBrabander
    Cassidy Kohlhagen
    Christian Leedle
    Nathalie Schattner



    Jared Andreoli
    Adam Jasperson
    Erica Olzewski
    Rebecca Robers

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