Bronco Boys Golf Information


    The Union Grove Boys Golf Program consists of teams at the Varsity and Junior Varsity levels.  Any boys from the freshman through senior classes are eligible for both teams.  The course that we use for all of our practices and our home meets is Ives Grove.  All greens fees are taken care of by the school.  Players need to provide their own clubs.

    Our season is set to begin on March 27, with our first events being the next week (weather permitting).  The season will continue until the beginning of May for some and hopefully the beginning of June for others.  As much as I would like to guarantee that every player will play in a match, I cannot do that.  Match lineups will be determined by their skill level, their commitment to the team, and the number of kids that we have out.  During the course of the season, no player is allowed to play in more than 15 competitions.

    Our teams compete in the Southern Lakes Conference, as well as in various non-conference tournaments.  Players are expected to be present at every practice, with focus and passion for the game.  The goal of each player is to reach his potential.  When called upon, players should be available to play each event, with some exceptions.  Remember that high school golf is a team game with each member responsible to other members of the team.  Most golf meets are played either by 5 players, with 4 scores counting, or 4 players with all scores counting.

    Players are expected to obey the rules of golf as well as etiquette.  Cheating, swearing, throwing clubs, inappropriate dress, and other such behavior will not be tolerated.   Golf, like all other sports, is an extension of school.  Therefore, the majority of school rules also apply at the golf course.