General Expectations
    •You should be at practice every day.  If you must miss a practice for a legitimate reason, please tell me ahead of time.  A note from a parent would be helpful.  If you miss practice without giving me notice, I will take that as a sign of lack of commitment to the team.
    •If you are staying after school to make up work or for additional help, let me know before I leave for practice.  Have the teacher write you a pass or send me an e-mail.
    •You should be on your best behavior at all times, especially at the golf courses.  Remember, we are their guests.
    •Swearing, throwing clubs, inappropriate dress, and other such behavior will not be tolerated.
    •You should work extremely hard to do well in your classes.  With golf we tend to miss some school.  If you are struggling in your classes, you may not be able to go.
    •Always try your best to improve your golf game.  If you are not out for golf to improve, you should not be out for golf.  Practice with a purpose.
    Practice will take place right after school at Ives Grove.  I will be driving a bus from school to practice and back.  The bus will leave the front of the school by 2:55.  We will be back to the school anywhere from 5:30 to 6:30, depending on how busy the golf course is and what we are doing in practice.  If you want to drive your own vehicle to practice, you can do this.  However, you can only drive yourself; you can not have any passengers on the way to practice.  If you want to get picked up at Ives Grove or ride home with another golfer, that is fine.
    Golf is game of honesty and integrity.  There are no referees or judges on the course with you; you are trusted to be honest with your score and that of your opponent.  Knowingly cheating in a golf match, or even in practice, is completely unacceptable. You are not only representing yourself when in a match, but you also represent your teammates, coaches, and UGHS.  We do not want to be known as a cheating team.  Therefore, only honest players will represent the UGHS golf program.  Cheating will result in a suspension and/or removal from the team.  
    Depending on the number of kids going out, cuts may have to be made.  If cuts do need to be made, ability alone will not determine who is cut.  Freshmen will not be cut.  Some players may also be on an alternate practice schedule, where they do not practice every day.  I will know more about this once the season starts and I look at our official numbers.
    For lettering in golf, I use a point system.  Points are earned at varsity meets and tournaments based on both the players score and how they do compared to the other varsity players.  The points are then tallied at the end of the season to determine who letters.  To earn the letter, the player must complete the season as a member of the team.  There may be other circumstances where a letter may be given without meeting the specifications mentioned above.
    For practice you can wear anything that is allowed at school.  For all matches, you will need to have a collared shirt and khakis (pants or shorts).  If you do not have golf shoes, you must wear tennis shoes on the course.  If you are not wearing appropriate attire, you will not play in the match.
    Because this is a spring sport in Wisconsin, we will often practice and play matches in cold and miserable weather.  This is why it is important for the player to come to the course prepared.  I suggest that he have a winter hat, gloves, and a sweatshirt in his bag at all times.  I also suggest that he have a waterproof jacket for the rainy days and an umbrella.  Another recommendation would be wet weather golf gloves.
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