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    This site is to provide you with information for the classes that I am teaching this 2017/2018 school year. 

    Schedule for Semester 1:  

    Period 1: AP Biology

    Period 2: BRONCO Period

    Period 3: Principles of Biomedical Science (PLTW-PBS)

    Period 4: Biology (D Lunch)

    Period 5: Prep


    Communication for the classes is Google Classroom sites.  All classes can join me on REMIND as indicated on the syllabi that were sent home.  Let me know if you have any questions.


    My classroom is Room 224 and you will usually find me there from 7:00 - 3:15 or in the adjoining office. You can also reach me at vandale@ug.k12.wi.us or at (262) 878-2434 ext. 1261. Please do not hesitate to stop by, send me an email, or give me a call if you have questions or concerns. I believe that frequent communication is good communication!

    Science is all around us. I hope that you have a memorable encounter with it every day! Plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, and protists all have vital roles and interactions. You cannot avoid biology, chemistry, or physics in your everyday life:

    • Plants use up carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. The chemicals they produce provide nutrients, vitamins and fiber that our bodies need. They provide protection and shelter to many other organisms.
    • There are so many animals that we can marvel at! The most numerous, the group including insects are amazing with exoskeletons and a variety of sensory organs. The ability to move (very important to animals) is a combined feat of biology (the anatomy or design), chemistry (such as the molecules of energy and those involved in signaling), and physics (the mechanics of the motion itself).
    • The numerous microscopic organisms involved in decomposing and subsequent release/production of nutrients. Without them it would be a bone yard out there!
    • In addition to the natural world there is a whole world of applied science such as medicine and pharmaceuticals, engineering, environmental protection, and alternative energy, just to name a few!

    Let's explore the world around us on a macro- and microscopic level!