16 and 17 year old minors are no longer required to get a work permit.


    The following locations at UGHS are open for work permits during normal business hours.

    School year - 7:30am - 3:00pm

    Summer - 7:30-2:30 Monday - Thursday.  Please call ahead, there is only one person in the building that does these and she may not be in the office.


    UGHS District Office daily

    Front Reception Office (Hwy 45 door) - Monday and Tuesday only


    You must bring the following with you every time you need a new work permit:

    • A letter from your employer (on the employer's letterhead) stating that they hired you, what job you will be doing, and what hours you will be working.
    • Your Social Security Card.  You must bring the card, not just the number.
    • Your birth certificate, driver's license, State ID card, or Baptismal Certificate.
    • $10.00