• Student Services

    The primary goal of Student Services is to enhance student learning and achievement.  Our department utilizes a variety of strategies, activities and resources to promove student development in the following areas: academic, career and emotional/social.

    In accordance with the Union Grove Union High School mission statement, we endorse the following:

    • We believe every student posses the capacity and deserves the right to learn.
    • Learning must be nurtured, directed and focused thru sound guidance, counseling and instruction.
    • Student Services strives to provide all students with the educational, psychological and interpersonal skills necessary to enhance the learning experience.
    • We acknowledge the potential and importance of every student.
    • We accept the responsibility to challenge, direct, and guide students in their pursuit of knowledge.
    • We also recognize the value of enrichment and remedial instruction as supplemental learning resources.
    • Thru effective collaboration, we seek to guide students to their full potential and in their personal relationships for a lifetime of learning.
    • All students' ethnic, cultural, racial and sexual difference and special needs are considered in planning and implementing a student's four year plan.
    • We aim to serve as advocates for students, allies for teachers and liaisons with parents.