• Transcript Request

    There are two options to choose from when ordering/requesting a transcript:

    • Stop into the Student Services office and fill out a Transcript Request Form.  There is no cost for current students; there is a $4 per transcript charge for former/graduated students. (Please note, this option utilizes the paper mail system; it may take time for colleges or universities to receive a transcript due to processing at various locations.)
    • Use Parchment - our online ordering service.  The link to Parchment can be found below as well as directions.  There is a $4 per transcript charge for the online service for current and former/graduated students.  (Please note, this option is the quicker, more efficient of the two; colleges or universities will receive a transcript immediately; we recommend using this online service for college admission purposes.)

     Parchment Directions

    1. Create an account at Parchment.  Please note, once you have created an account you may log back in at any time to request additional transcripts.
    2. Add Union Grove High School to your Parchment account.
    3. Choose where you would like your transcript(s) sent.
    4. The fee is $4 per transcript for all students (current and former/graduated) when ordering through Parchment.  Payment may be made by credit card.

    Click here to visit Parchment -->Transcript Request

    Please utilize the help tab or contact Parchment with any questions.