Financial Aid Process

  • A major decision in applying to college, university or technical school is the cost.  All students are encouraged to apply for the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  This form is a major indicator used by most schools in determining the amount of loan money, grant money and scholarship money that may be awarded to a student.  Filing the FAFSA form is free.  Once a school receives your FAFSA form they will compile a Financial Aid Package.  This will show you what a particular school is willing to give you in loans, grants and scholarships.  When comparing schools it is essential to compare Financial Aid Packages, not the cost amount listed on a recruitment brochure.

    Every year UGHS hosts a Financial Aid Night where a local expert in the area of Financial Aid clearly explains the steps involved in this processes. This year our program will be on Monday, September 30th, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. in the Performance Center.

    You can start applying for Financial Aid October 1st at  The College Coal Wisconsin Program will help you complete your Financial Aid application  (FAFSA - Free Application For Student Aid). Please click on the link below to see local dates where you can receive FREE assistance. Show up. Cash in.
    Professionals will be available to help you fill out your FAFSA form.  Bring all of your documents and leave with a completed FAFSA! For more information

    Scholarships are available from a wide variety of sources.  In the Counseling Department we do our best to share the information we have with our students.  Please continually check the scholarship page to see current applications.  In addition the scholarships are listed in the daily announcements.  Most of the local scholarships become available after January 1st.

    Important Reminder:  When filling out a scholarship application neatness, thoroughness and presentation count.  An application is often the only way that a scholarship committee will know you. The more complete and clean the better the first impression.  Remember to request transcripts and letters of recommendation at least two weeks prior to the deadline.

    Below is a variety of links for publications that you might find helpful.


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