Transcript Request


    You have two options 1) Come to the Student Services office and fill out a transcript request form.  There is no cost for current students.

                                        2) Use the online request link below. There is a $3 per transcript charge for the online service. We recommend using online transcripts for college admission.

    Seniors need to fill out a final transcript form for the college they will be attending in the fall.  Final transcript forms are in the Student Services office.


    Online Request

    Please use the following instructions to order your transcript on-line:

    1. Create an account at Parchment.  Click this blue link. Order Credentials from Parchment
      Once you have created an account you may log back in at any time to request further transcripts. 
    2. Add Union Grove High School to your Parchment account.
    3. Choose where you would like your transcript(s) sent.
    4. The fee is $3 per transcript for all students (current and former) when ordering through Parchment.
    5. Payment may be made by credit card.
    6. Need help on the Parchment site?  Click the help tab or contact Parchment with any questions.

    Paper Request Form 

    Transcripts may also be obtained by filling out a Permission to Release form (see related form below).  This form and a $3 payment can be mailed to the high school or dropped off in the Guidance Office.

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