• Welcome to the UGHS library!

    For electronic resources and library catalog, click Databases to the left.

    For Database and App passwords to use from home, click HERE


    We have two audio/e-book services. You can download and listen to/read books on your iPod/Phone/MP3 player/tablet or home computer. Create your accounts at school.


    We also have  the full education version of Noodle Tools!
    Noodle Tools will help you with your citations for papers. It will also help you with organizing your notes and outlines, and make them available to you anywhere. The App is in your Google Drive.




    Archived webinars:

    We have Nooks! If you would like to check one out, sign and return the form below.

    Free Apps for Apple and Android at your App Store

       Destiny Discover    Destiny Discover --Or library catalog. Choose WI, search for UGHS. Enter Login Password is student ID

    To read ebooks or listen to audio books from Destiny, you also need Destiny Read Destiny Read




    Overdrive-- e-books and audio. Choose UGHS. Password is student ID. Use the SORA App 



    Access My Library--Gale Virtual Ref Lib. Choose WI. Choose UGHS. Enter password from sheet.


     Noodle Tools   Noodle Tools--Make citations, take notes, make outlines

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