Physical Education

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    Below you will find contact information for our teachers and our syllabus.


    Anne Sireno
    PE & Health
    Term 1
    1-PE I
    4-PE II/III
    5-PE I
    262-878-2434 Ext: 1268
    Emily Paskiewicz
    PE & Health
    Term 1
    3-Trends in Fitness
    4-PE I
    5-Health (room: 108) 
    262-878-2434 Ext. 1305
    Benjamin Roettgen
    PE & Health
    Term 1
    1-PE II/III
    3-PE II/III
    5-PE IV
    262-878-2434 ext 1244
    Jeff Urban
    PE & Drivers Education
    Term 1
    1-PE IV
    3-PE I
    5-PE II/III
    (262) 878-2434 Ext: 1295 

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