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    The Athletic Code Presentation is the first link at the bottom by the links.


    See Southern Lakes Conference Fall Sports Guidelines at the bottom of the page under files. 

    Pre-Season Checklist:

    Hold Parent Meeting
    View WIAA Rules Meetings Video & Take Exams
    Check equipment/uniforms
    Obtain med kit from trainer.
    Expectations with assistant coaches
    CPR/AED/First Aid Certification
    Concussion Certification
    Proof contracts
    @ Parent Meeting you should:
    1.  Review Athletic Code with the parents.
    2.  Show Concussion Video from WIAA website to  parents.
    3.  Introduce your rules/lettering policy/try-out procedure/general philosophy.
    4.  Give Parents a Practice Schedule or link where it can be found.
    5.  Talk about the Booster Club or find a member within your parents to promote the club.
    6.  Go over any anticipated fundraising.
    7.  Cover any special dates:  Parent's Night, Senior Night, ect.
    8.  Explain the Chain of Command for issues and how to contact you and your assistant coaches.
    Give to Dave Pettit before first game:
    Complete Roster ( To be done on Rschool)
    Bus Schedule  ( To be done on transportation request forms)
    Van Request   (To be done online/ print off schedule)
    Practice Schedule 
    Program Rules/Contract/Expectations
    Parent's Night Dates and any other special event dates.
    Weightroom useage schedule
    Fundraiser Information
    During Season:
    Call in Scores win or lose to local media
    Make sure kids are attending class..look at Rose's report daily.
    Before dismissing any players from team discuss with Mr. Pettit first.
    Supervise your players while they are in the building after/before practices/games
    Keep Rschool website up to date with roster/scores/standings.
    Scout when appropriate.
    End of Season:
    Do a sit down evaluation with your assistants
    Collect Uniforms/Equipment    Give fine list to Mr. Pettit and Patti Halbach.
    Put all large equipment away.
    Evaluation with Mr. Pettit.

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